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K-REACH pre-registration is required until June 30, 2019

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According to Article 10(1) of the revised version of “Act on Registration, Evaluation, etc of Chemicals (hereby called as “K-REACH”)”, manufacturers and importers of 

existing chemical substances over 1t per year are allowed to handle the substances after the completion of registration. However, according to Article 10(2) and (3), 

grace period will be granted to manufacturers and importers who pre-registered the substances before June 30th. After pre-registration, the substance is allowed to be

imported and manufactured within the grace period. 

If the manufactured/imported volume for the substance is anticipated to exceed 1t/y firstly after June 30th, 2019, the substance is also a subject of pre-registration. 

In this case (late pre-registration), grace period can be granted as well. The pre-registration shall be proceeded prior to manufacture/importation.


- Grace period for registration after pre-registration

ㅇ  Over 1,000t/y or CMR* substance : Until 2021. 12. 31

ㅇ  100~1,000t/y : Until 2024. 12. 31

ㅇ  10~100t/y : Until 2027. 12. 31

ㅇ  1~10t/y : Until 2030. 12. 31

* CMR substance: The chemical substances which are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction, and are designated and announced 

by the Minister of Environment to register by the end of 2021




K-REACH Pre-Registration Process



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